How to convert 7z to zip?

File 7z is one of the file types used to store information. But using it is not as easy as it is for the “legendary” Zip File. HERE IS how to convert 7z to zip.

You may have encountered some archives such as ZIP, RAR, etc. They can be considered as a single file but the way they work can be compared to a directory, allowing users to merge and compress multiple files and directory into a smaller single file. File 7Z works similarly, especially for the famous 7-Zip compression tool.

convert 7z to zip
Convert 7z to zip

What about 7Z File and Zip File? Why do you need to convert 7Z to Zip?

As mentioned above, 7Z or Zip are files with fairly basic archiving functions.

Built on the DEFLATE algorithm, a Zip file is a compressed archive file that can contain one or more files and folders. One of the earliest archiving files, with simple usage and compatibility with most operating systems and supporting software, this is the most widely used storage format. and most popular today.

Unlike Zip, 7z file is a compressed archive file created by 7-zip software based on the lzma compression algorithm platform. The 7Z is stored in the 7z repository. However, one of the advantages of the 7z File is that it has a higher compression ratio, so the file size is usually smaller than other archived files. However, it is not widely used as Zip format because you need to convert 7z file to zip format for better compatibility without the support of the bundled software.

How to convert 7Z to Zip?

This will succeed if you do it sequentially by following the steps below:

#Step 1: Launch the PowerISO application

#Step 2: On the toolbar, click the “Open” button

#Step 3: In the “Open File” window, select the 7Z File you want to convert and click “Open”

After this step, the list of 7Z Files to convert will appear

# Step4: Select File, choose “Save As” and specify a name for the zip file, and select the file format to zip archives, then click “Save” button

After that, the conversion process will begin.

Once successful, PowerISO will automatically open the newly created zip file and list all files and folders in the zip archive.


Điểm neoThe whole process is really very simple, right? Remember the convertion from 7Z to Zip will only be necessary in case your equipment does not have the software to support 7Z files. Try to familiarize yourself with the 7Z file.

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