How to convert 7z to PDF?

Converting 7z to PDF will never make you confused anymore if you read “How to convert 7z to PDF” now!

Are you in trouble with converting a 7z file to a PDF one? Don’t worry! We are here to help you! Writing this article to give you the simplest methods to change the 7z files into the PDF ones, we hope you will welcome it.

Without the help of a PDF printer, no 7z files can be converted to the PDF ones. So, we need to find out about the PDF printer first.

Unlike a normal printer, a PDF printer can create PDF files. Your documents will not be printed on the physical papers. Instead, all contents of your source file will be converted into PDF.

So, you can use such a perfect printer to convert any file files that can be printed into the PDF files. So interesting, right? Below are the steps for converting.

convert 7z to PDF
Convert 7z to PDF

How to convert 7z to PDF

Step 1. Open your file with a reader.

Step 2. Press the “print” button.

Step 3. Choose the PDF printer and then press “print”.

Note: You can only change your file into PDF when you already have a reader for the 7z files, and your reader is able to print the file.

Don’t worry if you do not have a reader, because you can download a great one here. Its name is PDF24 PDF. With the PDF24 software, you can make any PDF files from your 7z files. Especially, it can be downloaded for free and very easy to use. Let me tell you more about how it works. First, download and install it. Second, open your 7z file and compatible reader. Third, print the file using PDF24. Fourth, now you will see the PDF24 assistant opens, and you can save your file as any file format that you like.

To sum up

Điểm neoIt is not very difficult to convert a 7z file into a PDF one. When you get the PDF24 PDF installed as well as get the awareness of some tips to convert the 7z files, everything will become easy. Now if you are still confused about that, please access the link below to read more. If you feel the article is enough, and you already know how to convert such a file, let’s download the PDF24 PDF and experience right away!

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